Database & cobol migration/new development consulting services  

CASEMaker has been offering tools and services to Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and companies since 1990. The corporate office is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, with field offices in Italy, Taiwan and Japan. CASEMaker's management team is a uniquely qualified group of professionals that have several decades of experience working with major multi-national companies in the United States and overseas. This team's experience and diverse backgrounds enables CASEMaker to offer software, consulting, and developmental tools and services that can create affordable solutions addressing the needs of any businesses striving to maximize profitability.

CASEMaker software offerings are primarily centered around our SQL Database product DBMaker. DBMaker is available in small cost effective packages for ISV's and companies looking to develop small yet scaleable databases. DBMaker is scaled into the terabyte range and offers the same features as much more expensive offerings

currently on the market. CASEMaker also offers a line of bench tools that help speed development of software solutions. CASEMaker has a consultant team available to help development utilizing its tools.

CASEMaker's International presence assures that one is receiving the best of breed solution for your software and developmental needs. CASEMaker can supply your corporation with multinational professional services and consulting services. Rather than offering a "one-size-fits-all" model, CASEMaker has implemented a sophisticated system of cost-effective internal and outsourcing based services that are flexible and timely. CASEMaker effectively leverages costs and productivity issues by limiting the size of its professional staff. Core and critical project positions are CASEMaker employees. CASEMaker has developed a multi-tiered outsourcing management model based on strategic alliances centered in the heart of Silicon Valley and around the globe.

CASEMaker maintains the staff of IT professionals focused on the immediate and long-term needs of our customers. All analysis, modeling, design, quality assurance testing, project management, maintenance, and customer interaction processes are based in Santa Clara, California. CASEMaker has developed a model of project development based on strategic alliances in Silicon Valley, North America, South America, Europe, and in Asia that address issues such as time constraints, costs and various governmental regulatory rules on software development. Our main goal is to provide cost effective continuity and support for projects that is ideal for customers operating in the United States' time zones. This addresses the issues that many customers face when they outsource development and find that their only contact on this side of the planet is the salesperson.